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Ellie Kelly

To make up for the two-year break in between posts: a new batch of timeless photographs.

The main character here is my grandmother’s mother, Ellie Kelly, as a little girl in the 1920s and early 1930s.  She’s easy to pick out of the crowd in most shots, as she had an affinity for wearing enormous bows in her hair.  She also loved scrap booking, cutting photos into weird shapes, and creating playful collages.  Not the best for archival purposes.  But the oddities are what help shape my idea of who Ellie was, much more so than any set of mint-condition photos would.

You can learn a lot about someone from looking through their photographs.  The images below provide just a small glimpse into my great-grandmother’s childhood.  But, like all of the other pictures I’ve dug up over the years, these will leave their mark.  It’s a valuable thing to know where you came from and to have the opportunity to look back.

Whether it’s every day or every two years.


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