though it doesn’t feel like summer…

I wanted to post some beach-related photos that I found – not in the garbage, but under my old bed at my parent’s house in NJ.


“Edward [Halligan]’s wife Helen & son”

The actual size of this photo is so small, that I initially thought it was a rifle on the baby’s lap.  Nope – it’s a little acoustic guitar instead.  I would’ve preferred the rifle, but the photo is still great.  There is something brilliant about the tradition of discreetly placing random items in baby’s laps, then taking a photo of them – everyone has one of those that they can thank their parents for.


“Mabel & Bella on log, Front Row: Edward Halligan, Rita and Joseph McDermott”


“Bella with Edward, Mabel with Rita”


“Mabel & Joseph McDermott, Bella Halligan, Edward Halligan, and Rita McDermott”

The actual dimensions of this photo are probably something like 1″x 1.5″ — smaller than the wallet sized school photos — so I’m glad to see that the quality is there after scanning and enlarging.  The woman all the way to the right, with the bathing cap on, is my great-grandmother Bella.  Looking at this photo, I realize that my mom really resembles her… same eyes, same nose, same mouth… same Irish stoicism!


Labeled “Rita, extreme right in tree.”  This is a great group shot — any family members reading this recognize the others?

The following photo is great, but it’s the caption on the back that really makes it…



“This is what happens to people after they indulge in a quarter of ale from Andre’s.  June, 1934”


Bella looking sassy with her hand on her hip.

oldbeach_0008This is one of the oldest photos I found.  Taken in Atlantic City, April 16, 1916.  The back of it has a stamp from a photo lab in Hoboken, NJ.

I really love this one – the blurry image of the little boy against the sea is really haunting and beautiful.


No labels on this one…


I like the way everyone is arranged in this photo, well proportioned, and the two old shops in the background.

oldbeach_0003“Annie, Bella, Jimmy, Eddie G, Marge, Edward”


Jimmy Halligan, my great-grandfather, and Eddie G.

Looks like this was taken on Barley Point, but I can’t be sure..


No label on this one.


One last group shot.



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  1. Deborah Halligan McBurney

    I can’t believe I stumbled onto your blog/site. I am Bella and Jimmy’s first great-grand child. My grandfather was Edward, their first born. I was always confused by my relatives connection to me since there was a 16 year difference between the birth of my grandfather and Harold; and only a few years between the birth of your grandfather and my father Edward aka “Ned”. I would just love to talk to you about our great-grand parents!! Connect with me on FaceBook – Deborah Halligan McBurney.

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